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Specialty Welding Service Houston TX

Specialty Welding Service Houston, TX

Bayou Welding Technologies LLC Specializes in Computer Controlled Clad Welding

Bayou Welding Technologies - Louisiana Welding Services

With over 12 years of combined clad welding experience, Bayou Welding Technologies (BWT) provides specialty welding services and cladding to global equipment manufactures and machine shops.  Our management team has over 100 years of combined experience in fabrication and welding experience.

Bayou Welding Technologies’ specialty welding service department provides Inconel and Stainless Steel Overlay, weld buildup of carbon and low alloy steels and hard surfacing with Stellite 1 and Stellite 6 all performed on various base materials such as AISI 4130, ASTM A182 GR F-22, 4140, ASTM A350 LF2, A516 Gr. 70 and many others. Many of these procedures also carry DNV’s stamped approval.

Our state-of-the-art clad welding shop demonstrates BWT’s commitment to overall quality and safety. The clad welding shop is a 8,400 square foot facility that sits on a 5-acre lot. Our new specialty welding service facility includes air conditioning of the entire shop including the welding areas. Fume extractors are utilized at the individual welding stations to provide a clean and safe work environment for our employees.

Our Specialty Welding Service Houston, TX Include:

  • Clad welding with 625 Inconel
  • Clad Welding with 825 Inconel
  • Clad Welding with 316L Stainless Steel
  • Buildup Welding of Low alloy steels with AGTAW, GMAW, and SAW
  • Buildup Welding of various P1 materials
  • Hard Surfacing
  • Orbital Welding of Girth Welds with AGTAW
  • Specialty welding of components such as flanges to valve bodies
  • Welding of Small diameter Super Duplex Tubing

BWT utilizes a hot wire GTAW “Tig” welding system. These brand new state-of-the-art systems are fully computer controlled and operated by Bayou Welding Technology’s trained and expert staff. The specialty welding systems include built-in heat modules to maintain pre-heat and interpass temperature as required.

With our qualified specialty welding procedures and experienced staff, Bayou Welding Technology is ready to handle your next specialty welding clad/overlay project.


Onshore FabricationFab 007 - Copy

  • BWT has the Fabrication services for
    • Valve Assemblies
    • Spool Piping
    • Subsea Equipment


  • BWT provides a full array of services that can take care of your multi-jointing needs.
    • Buckle Arrestor Insertion
    • Double Jointing
    • J-Lay Collar Installation
    • Quad Jointing
    • Pipe In Pipe Insertion
    • Pipeline Reel Spooling

Clad WeldingWelding - Copy

  • BWT clad welding department provides Inconel and Stainless Steel  overlaying
    • Valves
    • Fittings
    • Wellhead Components
    • Pipe
    • Other components

Bayou Welding Technologies LLC

Specializing in Computer Controlled Clad Welding

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