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Bayou Welding Technologies - Clad WeldingBayou Welding Technologies clad welding department provides Inconel, Stainless Steel, and Stellite Overlay/Inlay of valves, fittings, wellhead components, pipe, and other components.

The Clad Welding Shop is a 8,400 square foot facility. Our new facility on Fox Road includes air conditioning of the entire shop including the welding areas. Fume extractors are utilized at the individual welding stations to provide a clean and safe work environment for our employees. The Clad Welding shop demonstrates BWT’s commitment to overall quality and safety.

BWT utilizes a hot wire GTAW “Tig” welding system. These brand new state of the art systems are fully computer controlled and operated by BWT’s trained and competent staff. The welding systems include built in heat modules to maintain pre-heat and interpass temperature as required.

Our Quality Control and Quality Assurance procedures help insure your product is controlled from the time it arrives at BWT’s facility all of the way through loadout.

With our qualified welding procedures and experienced staff, BWT is ready to handle your next Clad/Overlay Project.

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